Craig Lacey

Craig Lacey

Vice President of Broker Relations

Mr. Lacey joined SouthStar Capital in 2017 as Vice President of Broker Relations. He is responsible for developing, growing, and servicing our rapidly expanding broker associates program. As well as assisting and coordinating with brokers on client transaction submissions, from inception to closing. In recent years, Mr. Lacey has previously associated with SouthStar in a business development capacity, most recently with their Inside Sales efforts.

Prior to joining SouthStar, Mr. Lacey enjoyed a 16 year career as Vice President – Development for Cousins Properties, Inc., a major NYSE traded real estate developer headquartered in Atlanta. He also started his career as a consultant with Arthur Andersen & Co. World Headquarters in Chicago.

Mr. Lacey is active in the community, serving as a Treasurer and Board Member of his Homeowners Association and as a frequent guest instructor in Ukraine, where he teaches Human Resources and Strategic Planning to senior level business managers and owners. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL, and a Master’s Degree in Real Estate from Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA. In his spare time he enjoys, reading, cooking, and piano.

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