SouthStar Advantage 2: Grow with Confidence

Grow with Confidence

With SouthStar Capital, our ability to help you goes beyond just providing working capital. We care about your success and tailor fit a funding solution for your company's both current & future growth.

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You Grow with Confidence

  • We prescreen your potential clients, so you can better understand their strengths, payment habits, and creditworthiness
  • No limits are imposed, so you control your growth
  • No hidden costs or fees, with the option to build our fees into future bids or projects
  • You receive funding within 24 hours of providing an invoice
  • We do not put a ‘bandaid’ on the the problem, instead we implement a solution that will benefit your business both now and in the future
  • No equity is require for funding, so you keep 100% ownership of your company
  • No debt is added to your balance sheet, so you can grow your business without the stress of paying back debt