What is Accounts Receivable Financing

What is Accounts Receivable Financing and how does it work?

  1. You provide products or services to another creditworthy business on terms.
  2. You send the invoice to your customer and send the invoice, along with any support documentation (i.e. purchase orders, contracts, etc.) to SouthStar Capital.
  3. SouthStar will verify the invoice then advance a portion of the invoice directly to you, typically 70 to 90 percent.
  4. Your customer then pays the invoice by ACH, wire transfer, or a check made out to your company, but sent to SouthStar Capital’s address.
  5. SouthStar then sends you the invoice balance, less our fee.

The Accounts Receivable Financing process can be repeated for each invoice your business generates, meaning there are no maximums for your monthly receivables. This process also does not rely on your personal or business credit quality. We will instead look to the credit quality of your customer (the account debtor), who owes on the outstanding invoice that was advanced on. Another advantage of AR Financing is that it doesn’t add any debt to your balance sheet.

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Accounts Receivable Financing

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Accounts Receivable Financing

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Accounts Receivable Financing

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"We just couldn't solve our reoccurring cash flow crisis. Our customers' slow pay held our cash flow for ransom, keeping us from completing our next project. The day my SouthStar Account Executive walked through our door was the day our business turned around. Now, we have the cash we need to deliver projects on time."

– Ryan, Creative Director for a Graphic Design & Marketing Firm