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Invoice Factoring Testimonials from Our Clients

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“My family owns a commercial landscaping business. Business started picking up, so I had to take on more employees to compensate the extra work. Our customers paid us once a month, which made it a struggle to make payroll every two weeks with our additional employees. Calling SouthStar really saved my business. They were able to finance our invoices, so we could make payroll on time and were also able to continue taking on new customers. ” – Jim, Owner of a Commercial Landscaping Company

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“I was skeptical about factoring because of some horror stories I’ve heard from some of my business associates. From the moment I spoke to my Account Executive at SouthStar, my concerns were put to rest. They were knowledgeable, honest and I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I’m so thankful that SouthStar contacted me.” – Martina, CFO for an Industrial Manufacturer

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“This company does so much more than just provide capital to grow your business.” – Scott, Owner of a Consulting Firm

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“We had the opportunity to bid a huge project that our competitor dropped the ball on. We needed access to cash in order to staff up and prepare to handle this opportunity. I went to my bank, and I was turned down. I went to another bank, and I was turned down again. They didn’t like the fact that we had negative growth in the last year. Nevermind that we had double-digit growth for the previous 8 years! After being turned down by five banks, we accepted the fact that we would have to pass on the project. Then SouthStar Capital met with us and put together a finance strategy for getting us the cash we need. They had all the answers to our questions, and their rates were very reasonable. Long story short, we won the project and are on track for our most profitable year in 9 years!” – Doug, Owner of a Steel Fabrication Plant

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how does factoring work

How does Invoice Factoring with SouthStar Capital work? Learn more about our complete funding process, from sending an invoice to receiving the working capital your business needs.


Learn what Invoice Factoring is, how it can benefit your business, and the advantages of working with SouthStar Capital.

History of Factoring

Factoring goes as far back as Babylonian times! Follow how factoring has changed through time and become a present day form of alternative lending.

Factoring vs Loan

Find out what sets Invoice Factoring apart from a business loan and why factoring may be the better option for your business.