We listen to your story and provide a solution for your business’s specific needs.

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  • Our credit decision is based on your company’s assets and the creditworthiness of your customer, not past financial performance

  • Years you’ve been in business is not a factor in our funding decision

  • Underwriting is done in-house, so we can provide funding faster, typically in just 2-5 days.

  • Mix our diverse products to tailor a solution that most benefits your business.

  • We are a private company, meaning you receive flexibility and custom solutions.

  • We work with tax liens, balance sheet issues, and DIP financing.

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You Grow with Confidence

  • We prescreen your potential clients, so you can better understand their strengths, payment habits, and credit worthiness

  • No limits are imposed, so you control your growth

  • No hidden cost or fees, with the option to build our fees into future bids or projects

  • You receive funding within 24 hours of providing an invoice

  • We don’t put a bandaid on the problem, instead we implement a solution for your business’s current and future growth

  • No equity is required for funding, so you keep 100% ownership of your company

  • No debt is added to your balance sheet, so you can grow your business without the stress of paying back debt

You Grow with Confidence

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  • You deal directly with a decision maker, in-turn expediting initial and future funding

  • Your company is assigned an account team to handle your daily funding needs

  • Our approach is hands on, so we are able to address each and every one of your needs

  • We are a private company, so you receive flexibility and custom solutions

  • We have over 30 years of experience in designing custom capital solutions for businesses like yours

  • Relationship and professionalism are the cornerstones of our business

  • We are here to listen to your story and provide a solution that fits your unique circumstances

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You Get Real Time Management

  • Manage cash real time with 24/7 access to your customizable funding reports through our online client login

  • We provide the services of handling your collections, payment processing, account management, and underwriting, in-turn saving you time and money

  • Our day-to-day accounts receivable management also includes the invoices you are not financing, so you stay up to date with your receivables, all in one place

  • You submit your invoices electronically directly to your account manager and then receive funding within 24 hours

  • We provide working capital fast, so you can focus on operating and growing your business

  • Your account manager is available 24/7 to provide working capital when you need it

You Get Real Time Management

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