If you had access to more working capital, could you grow your business?

SouthStar Capital takes a non-traditional approach to funding. We think outside the box and take a different perspective than many of the lending sources you may have been turned away from. We offer an alternative lending approach, where our decision is not credit driven and our qualifications are not customary. If you have exhausted your financing options, don’t give up, because we can help. Below are some common questions we have answered that may address the funding problem you are currently facing.

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Q: Do you have a limited or challenged credit history or a troubled balance sheet?

A: Our funding is based on your customer’s credit, so your credit history won’t affect our decision.

Q: Have you been turned down by the bank for funding and are running out of options?

A: We take a non-traditional approach to funding. Unlike many lenders, we DO NOT base our decision to finance on your credit history, years in business, or your balance sheet.

Q: Growing faster than your bank is comfortable with?

A: We offer you unlimited access to working capital.

Q: Awarded a larger project than you can financially handle and are in need of capital?

A: We can offer working capital when you need it by advancing your outstanding invoices or financing the fulfillment of your purchase orders.

Q: Do you need cash flow fast, within days, not weeks?

A: Our application process is fast and easy, with same day approval. Initial funding is provided within 2-5 days and any funding thereafter is sent within 24 hours of your request.

Q: New in business?

A: Years in business is not a factor in our funding decision.

Q: Are your customers paying slow?

A: We are able to advance up to 90% of the amount of your outstanding invoices, so you are able to keep your business operating and take on new jobs. We can also finance 100% of your 3rd party purchase orders.

Q: Behind in taxes?

A: We will not automatically turn you down because of tax liens. Instead, we have a dedicated team that works with the IRS to negotiate a payment plan for the lien.

Q: Having trouble making payroll?

A: We can advance the money you have tied up in unpaid invoices, so you can make payroll on time instead of waiting to receive payment from your client.

Q: Are you worried about having to give up equity in your company?

A: We are able to provide working capital without acquiring equity, so you keep 100% ownership of your business.

Q: Are you in need of equipment?

A: We offer several equipment leasing options, so you can purchase the equipment you need and keep your business operations up and running.

If any of the questions above apply to your business, give us a call or email today. We can work with you to provide a solution that solves your working capital challenges and supports your company’s current and future growth.

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