SouthStar Capital has a successful track-record with assisting manufacturers in achieving their maximum potential and reaching their revenue goals. Our manufacturing financing solutions enable firms to bid on larger projects, to take advantage of supplier discounts, to increase their staff to meet the increase in customer demand, and to maximize working capital, ultimately leading to growth and prosperity.

Accounts Receivable Financing for Manufacturers

Equipment Leasing for Manufacturers

AR Financing provides a reliable and recurring source of working capital to not only cover day-to-day expenses, but also for growth and expansion projects. By advancing on your outstanding invoices, you receive the capital needed for such things as covering payroll, cutting down production time, offering volume discounts, and improving flexibility with your suppliers.

Whether you’re buying new machinery to replace outdated equipment or expanding your business, updated manufacturing equipment is essential for production and business growth but buying can be expensive. Many businesses prefer equipment leasing over buying due to its cash flow advantages, tax deductibility, flexibility, and efficiency.

Asset Based Lending for Manufacturers

Inventory Financing for Manufacturers

Asset Based Lending provides working capital by using your company’s assets as collateral. This allows for immediate access to the capital available in company assets, such as accounts receivable, equipment, inventory, and real estate.

If your company has funds tied to inventory, or needs funds to purchase more inventory, consider using Inventory Financing. It is a form of asset based lending that allows you to leverage your existing inventory. It improves cash flow and provides funds to pay for business expenses.

Production Financing or WIP
(work-in-process) Financing for Manufacturers

Government Contract Financing for Manufacturers

Production Financing or WIP Financing is specifically designed for manufacturing companies that need additional funds for things like raw materials and labor costs, which are associated with the production of orders. This funding allows you to run your production line effectively, so you can capitalize on new opportunities.

We have a dedicated team that specializes in providing capital solutions to Prime and Sub-contractors for State, Federal and Municipal government projects. We tailor solutions to provide your business with the growth capital needed to fund task orders, as well as any other capital needs for contract completion.

“I had a great idea with huge market potential, but I did not have any startup capital to fill Purchase Orders. I called SouthStar Capital looking for an equity investor, so I could have capital to make my product to fill the ever increasing orders. SouthStar explained that I didn’t have to give up equity in my company in order to make my product. SouthStar structured a financial solution that paid to have my product manufactured and collected the invoice. I am now able to concentrate on sales while SouthStar handles the rest!”

– Gary, CEO of a Manufacturing Company