Grow Client to Bank Financing

SouthStar Capital provides alternative financing solutions to businesses in need of working capital. When your client is unable to meet the qualifications of your bank or unable to increase their existing line of credit, we can provide another option.

For 10 years we’ve been proud to call South Carolina home. Our funding options offer your clients an in-state, relationship-based financing partner who loves to see local businesses grow and prosper. With us, your bank maintains the banking relationship and accounts, while SouthStar funds the growth. When you’re ready to bring the lending relationship back into the bank, our job is done!

Get started by filling out our information form or contacting us at 843-800-8293.

Partner with SouthStar.

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A Typical SouthStar Client

  • sells products or services to other businesses or government
  • is anywhere in the US
  • needs a financing facility from $25,000 to $10 million
  • has commercial accounts receivable
  • often has collateral, such as inventory, purchase orders, or equipment
  • may be in rapid growth mode
  • may be marginally profitable or losing money
  • may have a weak balance sheet and might reflect a deficit tangible net worth
  • could be in, or emerging from bankruptcy
  • may have a challenged credit history
  • is unable to obtain bank financing or has maxed out their bank line of credit
  • might be in an asset recovery department of a bank or on an “exit” strategy
  • preferably needs to refinance quickly
  • wants to establish a relationship with a knowledgable and flexible lender

Our Products

Accounts Receivable Financing

Purchase Order Financing

Equipment Leasing

Government Contract Financing

Asset Based Lending

Invoice Factoring

Mobilization Funding

Payroll Funding

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The SouthStar Advantage

  • Fast response time with same day approval and closing in 2-5 days
  • Flexibility for clients with a limited or challenged credit history
  • Years in business is a non-issue
  • Deal directly with decision makers
  • No maximums for our clients’ monthly receivables
  • Tax liens are ok
  • Our goal is to nurture & grow your client’s business until they are able to qualify for bank financing
  • Proven track record for assisting in top line growth
  • Our company is built on relationship and trust