Is an Asset Based Line of Credit Right for You?

Asset Based Lending

At SouthStar Capital, we are dedicated to structuring a financing package that benefits your company today and in the future. SouthStar can tailor fit a financing solution involving an Asset-Based Line of Credit, along with many of our other products.

In thinking about whether an Asset-Based Line of Credit is the right solution for obtaining working capital for your business, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your business in growth mode?
  • Will your bank not increase your current line of credit therefore not allowing your company to grow?
  • Do you need additional working capital beyond what you currently have at your disposal?
  • Have you been in business three or more years?
  • Do you have Accounts Receivable, Equipment, and Inventory that could be used as collateral?
  • Is your bank currently willing to take a write down on a loan?
  • Have you been turned down by a bank or government backed lending organization for financing?
  • Do you have a strong balance sheet with unencumbered assets?
  • Would you like a line of credit that you could draw on at your convenience?
  • Do you have assets you would like to leverage to meet your immediate finance needs?
  • Do you want a line of credit that is flexible and able to meet your demands and allow your business to grow?
  • Do you have marginal profitability or are coming out of a recent losses?

If the answer to one or more of the above questions is YES and your business has accounts receivable or equity in your equipment or inventory, then you are a candidate for an Asset Based Line of Credit.

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