Becca Ripley

Becca Ripley

Director of Marketing

Ms. Ripley joined SouthStar Capital in February 2024 as the Director of Marketing. With her experience, she leads the marketing department, spearheading marketing campaigns, digital strategies, brand development, market research, and event planning. Prior to her role at SouthStar, Becca served as the Director of Marketing for Roofing USA where she excelled in digital strategy, lead generation, campaign execution, and brand awareness initiatives. Prior to Roofing USA, Becca was the Marketing Coordinator for Xtreme Roofing and Construction, where she developed campaigns, marketing strategies and content creation. She also holds a HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification as well as a Google Ads Certification.

A former Division One basketball player at both the University of Miami and the University of Central Florida, Becca brings her competitive spirit and teamwork ethos to her professional endeavors. She graduated with an undergraduate degree in Human Communications and pursued a Master’s degree in IDS with a focus on Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Outside of work, Becca enjoys running, beach days with her Golden Retriever, and cherishing moments with friends and family.

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