Keep your business financially afloat through COVID-19

Business Financial Support Coronavirus

During these trying times, we understand the uncertainty you may feel about your business and its future. Unfortunately, a business in financial distress can quickly discover that their options for financing are limited. Financial partners eager for business when times were good, often offer few solutions when challenges arise. SouthStar Capital wants to offer financial support through this ordeal.

If you are unable to make your payroll or cover operating expenses during the Coronavirus quarantine, we may be able to help. SouthStar offers a wide range of funding products, allowing us to customize the right solution to keep your business afloat. We are also a direct lender, meaning we don’t rely on bank financing and we make our own credit decisions.

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, we can also provide DIP Financing. DIP (debtor in possession) Financing is for businesses that are in financial distress that plan to file or have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to protect themselves from creditors. It is used to enable the reorganization of a business by accessing capital to support operations, while their bankruptcy is under way. DIP Financing will help your business get back on track, provide restructuring support, and return to being profitable.

Below, is a list of our products, linked to more information about each solution. If you or your client need financial support through this ordeal, contact us today to discuss our funding options.

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