Private Sector

Pentagon Now Pushing For More Frequent Interaction With Private Sector

Over the last few years the private sector has been wondering where the DOD has been. Due to budget cuts and travel expenditures being turned down, the Government has taken a back seat to the rest of the world in bringing on new tech. This has left many asking, where are the procurement officers and why new technology is sitting around collecting dust? That is all about to change. Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work and Undersecretary Frank Kendall are asking all branches of the military and defense agencies to more actively participate in industry conferences as part of a broad

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Purchase Order Financing For Small Businesses

Small business owners know that having issues with cash flow, while trying to fulfill existing customer orders, is never an easy endeavor. The customer is impressed and wants product, but the small business lacks the funds to not only purchase the raw materials, but to pay for the work needed to complete the customer’s order. Because of their uneven cash flow the small business is left with a large customer order they can’t even start! Is there a solution to such a problem? In fact, there is. It comes in the form of purchase order financing. So, what is purchase

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