AR Finance Case Study

AR Finance Case Study

American Staffing, Inc. Case Study This case study shows how Accounts Receivable Financing can be used to solve the cash flow issues of a staffing company, highlighting the receivable financing problems and solutions process. To protect client privacy, we have changed some details (including their name) in this business case. Also, the numbers have been simplified to make the case study easy to understand, but the key facts and lessons remain. The Challenge American Staffing, Inc. (ASI) is a staffing company that matches large corporate clients with qualified candidates to fill open positions within the corporation. Although ASI is a

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Is Accounts Receivable Financing Right for You

10 Questions: Is Accounts Receivable Financing right for your business?

When considering if Accounts Receivable Financing is the right solution for obtaining working capital for your business, ask yourself these 10 questions: Could you increase sales with more working capital? Do you have to scramble at the end of the week or month to cover your payroll expenses? Is your business in growth mode? Have you been turned down by a bank for financing? Do you have projects that you could be bidding if you were assured the cash flow required would be available to you? Do you have challenged financial history or personal credit issues? Do the majority of

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Cost of Invoice Financing

The Cost of Invoice Financing

Have you ever considered invoice financing, but thought the cost would be prohibitive? Well, maybe the question should be what is the cost of not financing your invoices? If you're turning down a large job or contract because you don't have enough working capital, think about the associated revenue your business is missing out on. Consider not just the lost opportunity cost, but also the growth opportunities your business is missing due to a lack of cash flow. With invoice financing, we advance up to 90% of your outstanding invoices, so you get the capital you need right when you

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Grow Your Business with Invoice Financing

5 Reasons to use Invoice Financing to Grow your Business

The 5 reasons to grow your business with Invoice Financing. ① Easier Qualification Qualifying for a bank loan can be strenuous and time consuming, especially if you have a challenged credit history. Invoice Financing is different, in that the qualification process is based on your customers’ credit, not your own. ② Get Paid Faster Why should you have to wait 30, 60, or even 90 days to get paid by your customers? Invoice Financing allows you to unlock the cash within your business immediately, making it easier to grow your business. ③ Add Flexibility Invoice Financing is a means of

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Safer Than Online Lenders

Don’t be Fooled by Online Lenders

A Safer Option than Online Lenders. We know that business owners can get in a pinch financially and feel they need to resort to online lenders for fast cash. Many of these online lenders, such as a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA), offer quick funding with little paperwork, but this decision can have long term effects on your finances. These online lending structures may be based on your business's future sales, making it a higher risk funding option with a greater liability on your balance sheet. Many of these online options also have very high interest rates, forcing you into a

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Invoice Financing vs Business Loan

Why Invoice Financing may be better than a Business Loan

Invoice Financing may be better for your company than a Business Loan. According to The Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE), 82% of start-ups and small businesses fail because owners have a poor understanding of cash-flow management and lack the ability to access working capital needed for growth. One funding option that is often overlooked is invoice financing. This alternative lending method does not have the same strenuous requirement process as a traditional business loan. The main qualification is that a company has customers with outstanding invoices that are paid on terms. Below, we will take a look at why

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Payroll Funding

Does Making Payroll Stress You Out?

Payroll Funding may be the answer. What is Payroll Funding? Funding payroll can be a challenge without a constant source of cash flow. Even if your customers pay within 30 days, your employees likely need to be paid sooner. If your customers have longer payment terms of 45, 60, or even 90 days, Payroll Funding may be a necessity for paying your employees on time. How does Payroll Funding work? Slow paying customers, rapid growth periods, seasonal patterns, selling on credit terms, and other factors can create cash flow challenges for your business. With Payroll Funding, rather than waiting for

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Business Grow to Death

Your Business May Be at Risk of Growing to Death

Growth is usually viewed as a positive step for business owners, but if not managed properly, growth could be the death of your business. If your business grows too fast, or grows the wrong way, you can actually grow yourself out of business. Along with growth comes the costs of additional staff, system development, and changes in operations. Without access to working capital, your business won't be able to support these essential changes. By tapping into your business's Accounts Receivable, or outstanding invoices, you can free up existing capital and have access to the immediate cash flow needed for growth.

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Working Capital Solution

SouthStar’s Recent Working Capital Solution

Providing alternative solutions to businesses in need of a fast and reliable source of working capital. Below is one of our recent funding solutions that provided our client with the working capital needed to ensure the growth and success of their business. $1,000,000 Receivables Line coupled with a $350,000 Equipment Lease, along with a Brokerage Line of $500,000 and a $100,000 Term Note for a Trucking and Storage Company Contact us today to discuss the working capital options available to your business. CONTACT US TODAY!
Shark Tank

How You Can Be a ‘Shark Tank’ Winner

Getting the chance to be on the reality show 'Shark Tank' can be a huge opportunity for any business. Having a great idea and company can only get you so far if you lack the working capital to grow. What if we told you that SouthStar Capital can provide the same benefits as the show 'Shark Tank', but our version is even better? We can provide your business with the capital needed for growth, but we do not require any equity within your company. Instead, we use the existing assets you already own and turn them into working capital. In-turn,

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