Don’t be Fooled by Online Lenders

Safer Than Online Lenders

A Safer Option than Online Lenders.

Safer Than Online Lenders

We know that business owners can get in a pinch financially and feel they need to resort to online lenders for fast cash. Many of these online lenders, such as a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA), offer quick funding with little paperwork, but this decision can have long term effects on your finances. These online lending structures may be based on your business’s future sales, making it a higher risk funding option with a greater liability on your balance sheet. Many of these online options also have very high interest rates, forcing you into a longer payoff period.

We provide a safer financing option.

SouthStar Capital provides a safer alternative to online lenders, through Asset Based Financing. Rather than looking to future sales, like Merchant Cash Advances, or to past performance, like banks, we provide working capital solutions based on your assets, such as accounts receivable, purchase orders, contracts, and equipment. By advancing against your assets, we are able to a provide a more responsible and reliable financing option, without adding debt to your balance sheet.

We are also a fast source of funding, with same day approval, closing in 2-5 days, and 24 hour funding. Unlike online lenders, the financing we provide doesn’t just put a band-aid on the problem. We have a dedicated account team to work with you in structuring the best solution for your business’s current and future growth. Our goal is to provide the resources and support needed to grow your business to a stable and healthy financial position.

Does Making Payroll Stress You Out?

Payroll Funding

Payroll Funding may be the answer.

Payroll Stress

What is Payroll Funding?

Funding payroll can be a challenge without a constant source of cash flow. Even if your customers pay within 30 days, your employees likely need to be paid sooner. If your customers have longer payment terms of 45, 60, or even 90 days, Payroll Funding may be a necessity for paying your employees on time.

How does Payroll Funding work?

Slow paying customers, rapid growth periods, seasonal patterns, selling on credit terms, and other factors can create cash flow challenges for your business. With Payroll Funding, rather than waiting for your customers to pay, SouthStar will advance up to 95% of the total value of your unpaid invoices immediately. Then you receive the remaining balance, minus a small fee, once the invoice is paid. This process can be repeated for as many invoices you submit.

By having access to unlimited working capital, you will always have the cash flow needed for payroll, as well as other expenses. The process creates zero debt for your company, so you won’t have to worry about paying back loans or high interest rates.

The 5 Steps of Payroll Funding

Payroll Funding Process

What to Expect with Payroll Funding

As client of SouthStar’s Payroll Funding solution, you will be assigned a personal account manager who will handle collections, payment processing, and customer credit approvals, allowing you to focus on your business. With Payroll Funding, we look at the credit history of your customer, not your company or personal credit history. Years in business is not a factor in our decision to finance, making Payroll Funding great for start-ups.

Once established with SouthStar, you will receive same-day funding on submitted invoices. This gives you access to unlimited working capital, right when you need it. Payroll Funding also allows you to extend longer payment terms to clients and grow your business.

Government Contract Financing in Action

Government Contract Financing Example

SouthStar Capital has a team of dedicated sales and operations personnel that specialize in providing Government Contract Financing to both Prime and Sub-Contractors for State, Federal, and Municipal government projects. Below illustrates one of the working capital solutions we recently provided through Government Contract Financing.


Government Contract Financing Example


Government Contract Financing Example


Government Contract Financing Example

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Government Contract Financing with SSC

Government Contract Financing

Government Contract Financing

Being awarded a Government Contract is an exciting time for your business, but may also lead to the question of:

How do I meet my payroll, vendor, & other
obligations while the project is being completed?

Our dedicated team understands the intricacies of Government Contracts & specializes in providing working capital solutions for your company’s specific financing needs.


We have the experience of working with Prime and Sub-Contractors on financial solutions for their State, Federal, and Municipal government projects.



Our custom solutions provide our clients with the growth capital needed to fund task orders, as well as any other capital needs for contract completion.


Faster Funding

Obtaining an approved Federal Assignment of Claims and Contract Modification are both in-depth tasks that the SouthStar staff is qualified at navigating through. With our previous experience and understanding of these facets, we are able to provide a faster funding process for your company.


Specialty Insight

Our experience with Government Contracts extends to both Contract Vehicles and Small Business Programs. We have the specialized knowledge that allows us to structure the best possible financial solution for your company. 

Take the first step and contact SouthStar Capital today! Learn more about the options for your company’s specific Government Contract Financing needs.


Government Contact Financing


SouthStar Capital has been awarded the “Best Government Factoring Company” for 2016 by Factoring Club!

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Best Government Factoring Company for 2016

Government Contract Financing

Government Contact Financing

We are very excited to announce that SouthStar Capital has been awarded the “Best Government Factoring Company” for 2016 by the Factoring Club! This award was based on user feedback, factoring agreement terms and conditions, and our direct business relationship with the Factoring Club.

SouthStar’s Government Contract Financing

At SouthStar, we have a team of dedicated experts in the area of Government Contract Financing, or Factoring. We specialize in providing working capital solutions to Prime and Sub-contractors for State, Federal and Municipal government projects. Our team is also very familiar with the Federal Assignment of Claims, as well as Contract Modification. In addition, we work with a variety of programs and qualifications tailored to small businesses such as WSOB, 8(a), VOSB, and many others.
We know that being awarded a Government Contract is an exciting time for our clients, but that it may also raise a few questions. Such as, “How do I meet my payroll, vendor, & other obligations while the project is being completed?” With our extensive background in government contracts, we are able to customize solutions to provide our clients with the growth capital needed to fund task orders, as well as any other capital needs for contract completion. Since time is a top concern for most businesses, we provide initial funding within 2-3 days and additional funding within 24 hours.


Learn more about your Government Contract Financing options with SouthStar Capital!



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