Government Contract Financing Example

Government Contract Financing in Action

SouthStar Capital has a team of dedicated sales and operations personnel that specialize in providing Government Contract Financing to both Prime and Sub-Contractors for State, Federal, and Municipal government projects. Below illustrates one of the working capital solutions we recently provided through Government Contract Financing. PROBLEM: SOLUTION: RESULT: Contact SouthStar today to discuss how Government Contract Financing can directly benefit your company. CONTACT US TODAY!
Purchase Order Financing

How does Purchase Order Financing Work?

At SouthStar Capital, we are dedicated to structuring a financing package that benefits your company today and in the future. SouthStar can tailor fit a financing solution involving Purchase Order Financing and many of our other products. First, you obtain a Purchase Order from a quality company that has agreed to accept your product or service. Once the Purchase Order is received, you send it over to SouthStar. SouthStar will then perform due diligence on your customer to ensure they are credit worthy and have a history of paying once the product is received. SouthStar will also confirm that the

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Government Contract Financing

Best Government Factoring Company for 2016

We are very excited to announce that SouthStar Capital has been awarded the "Best Government Factoring Company" for 2016 by the Factoring Club! This award was based on user feedback, factoring agreement terms and conditions, and our direct business relationship with the Factoring Club. SouthStar's Government Contract Financing At SouthStar, we have a team of dedicated experts in the area of Government Contract Financing, or Factoring. We specialize in providing working capital solutions to Prime and Sub-contractors for State, Federal and Municipal government projects. Our team is also very familiar with the Federal Assignment of Claims, as well as Contract

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Need Cash Bad Credit

Your Business needs Cash Flow, but You have Poor Credit…Now What?

Many business owners go through the struggle of having a sufficient amount of working capital to keep their company up and running. The typical solution to this problem is taking out a bank loan to support their company through the rough patch. But what are the options when they have a limited or challenged credit history? While banks can be an aid to businesses, having credit issues will most likely result in being turned down for the loan. The Good News The good news is that there’s an alternative solution know as Accounts Receivable Financing. AR Financing takes a business’s

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Advantages of Equipment Leasing

The 7 Advantages of Equipment Leasing

“If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates or becomes obsolete, lease it.” When deciding whether Equipment Leasing is the right step for your company, keep in mind these 7 advantages: Preserve your cash flow. With leasing, you need only a minimal initial investment to get the equipment you need, and you can comfortably spread your payments out over time. This allows you to preserve your working capital for the operation and growth of your business. Increase flexibility. Your equipment needs will grow and change along with your business. With equipment leasing, you have the option to take on additional

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Seasonal Slump Business

Keep your Company’s Cash Flowing through a Seasonal Slump

If you are a business owner, it is very likely that your business has experienced a sales slump at some point in its lifetime. Some of these slumps may even be seasonal and have a predictable “slow” time of year. The good news is that maxing out credit cards or taking out a second mortgage doesn’t have to be the answer to getting through the downswing. By using the assets your company already possesses, you are able to create working capital for your business to thrive and grow. SouthStar Capital offers the alternative financing solution of Asset Based Lending. Where

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