SouthStar Website Launch

SouthStar’s New Website Launch

We are so excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website! The new site features an open design that is easier to navigate, faster, and more user-friendly. Take a look around and let us know what you think. Our goal with this website redesign is to provide our visitors with an easier and more enjoyable experience when searching for a source of working capital for their business. Our site now offers the informative and educational content needed to learn more about SouthStar and our services, while also offering a direct and simple path for those ready to begin

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Equipment Leasing

Is Equipment Leasing Right for You?

In thinking about whether Leasing is the right solution for obtaining Equipment for your business, ask yourself the following questions: Will depleting your available cash put your business in a defensive position? Does technology increase rapidly in your industry, rendering equipment obsolete in three to five years? Do you want to gain a variety of tax benefits? Would you like to get a more expensive piece of equipment, but are concerned about spending additional cash to do so? Do you want to preserve your cash flow? Do you want to have flexibility in how long you will make payments on

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How does an Asset Base Line of Credit Work

How does an Asset Based Line of Credit Work?

Asset Based Lines of Credit allow you to borrow a percentage of your Accounts Receivable, Equipment, and Inventory. All or one of these assets may be utilized in an Asset Based Line of Credit. Find out below how your current assets can assist your company in obtaining the capital it needs. Asset-Based Line of Credit with Accounts Receivable Financing: Your company provides a product or service to your customer. You provide SouthStar with an aged accounts receivable and payable summary. SouthStar will set up an open line of credit up to 85% of the qualifying outstanding receivables. Your customer submits

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Purchase Order Financing

Is Purchase Order Financing Right for You?

When you are considering if Purchase Order Financing is the right solution for obtaining Working Capital for your business, ask yourself the following questions: Do you have a purchase order from a quality company? Are you in startup mode? If so, do you have a perfected prototype of your product? Do you have a 3rd party manufacturing facility set up? Have you been turned down by a bank for financing? Do you have orders that you could fulfill if you could afford to have the products made and shipped? Do you have weak company financials? Do you have personal credit

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Government Contract Financing Example

Government Contract Financing in Action

SouthStar Capital has a team of dedicated sales and operations personnel that specialize in providing Government Contract Financing to both Prime and Sub-Contractors for State, Federal, and Municipal government projects. Below illustrates one of the working capital solutions we recently provided through Government Contract Financing. PROBLEM: SOLUTION: RESULT: Contact SouthStar today to discuss how Government Contract Financing can directly benefit your company. CONTACT US TODAY!
Manufacturing Financing Example

Recent Funding Solution from SouthStar

SouthStar Capital specializes in providing custom funding solutions to businesses in need of working capital. Here is just one of the funding solutions we provided in the month of May. Contact us today for a brief conversation to learn more about SouthStar Capital's products and how we can customize a solution for you business's capital needs.   CONTACT US TODAY!
Accounts Receivable Example

AR Financing in Action

Below illustrates one of the working capital solutions we recently provided through Accounts Receivable Financing. PROBLEM: SOLUTION: RESULT: Contact SouthStar today to discuss the benefit Accounts Receivable Financing can have on your business. CONTACT US TODAY!
History of Invoice Factoring

The History of Factoring

Factoring is an ancient function found as far back as Babylonian times. The Babylonian Code of Hammurabi covered certain trade practices of merchants' agents who guaranteed trade credits. This was the earliest recorded factoring. A Factor in early European history was defined as a representative, who looked after someone else's business affairs. A noble lord would not conduct business transactions directly with those considered beneath them and the Factor would act as go between. The Factor would convey contracts, collect and disburse funds and see to transporting goods. Prior to the 20th century, a Factor was a business agent whose

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Asset Based Lending versus Bank Lending

Asset Based Lending vs Bank Financing

Asset-based lines of credit refer to loans secured by a wide variety of assets such as accounts receivable, equipment, and inventory. Asset-based lenders rely on the value of the underlying collateral to minimize the loan's credit risk. Asset-based lenders are sometimes referred to as Secured Lenders. The primary difference between asset-based lending and traditional bank lending is what the lender looks to when underwriting a loan. A traditional lender will look first to the cash flow then to collateral. An asset-based lender looks to collateral first. Since traditional lenders underwrite cash flow as their primary repayment source, they typically require

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